Welcome to the NetEscape Webring!

NetEscape is a webring for anyone that feels they don't fit into the current state of the interweb. It's for anyone who's tired of the overrun of the internet by corporations and longs for the days of the net where things were more unique, personal and customizable.

This webring accepts everyone from all walks of life, drawn together by our love for the old web! If you feel like you'd fit in with us feel free to submit the application form to us!


No monetized advertisements on your website, and you have to be 13+. No bigotry or hate speech on your website either, please.

Other than that, anyone is free to join as long as they feel like they'd be a great addition to our webring!

Once you are notified of your addition, place the code for our webring in the page on your website where you'd like it to be

Feel free to customize it to your heart's content!


Put this in the head of your html:

Add this to your html (making sure you put a forward slash after your site url):

And to customize the widget! add this to your head: